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Are you or someone you know in need of substance detoxification? Visit one of our Amarillo detox facilities to get help

Detoxification or simply detox, is a medical supervised process to eliminate drugs and alcohol from someone's system. The process carried out at Amarillo detox facilities, involve gradual removal of toxins in a safely manner, in order to keep control of the withdrawal symptoms an addict will experience once the chemical substances leave the body.

While detox rehab centers offer both outpatient and inpatient programs, being in a residential facility while going through detox is highly recommended; this allows the patient to be supervised and monitored, and helps prevent relapse while getting immediate medical attention if a critical situation arises.

Amarillo substance abuse rehab centers offer detox in a combined way. This means that the patient will not only get medical care to get rid of the toxins, but also will receive mental health support to help reduce the severity of the withdrawal symptoms on their psyche.

Detox rehab centers will often use medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and to prevent health complications (dizziness, seizures, organ damage, etc.). This is especially true when going through detoxification from alcohol or heroin.

When a patient enters our Amarillo detox facilities, the first thing they learn is that detoxifying is essential to help them regain balance of their brain. Chemically, when someone has been addicted to a substance for a long period of time, the brain will learn to use or depend on the substance in order to function properly.

Once the addictive substance is removed, those functions ricochet causing withdrawal symptoms. This is why detox rehab centers highly recommend inpatient detox. In order to monitor this phase and provide proper medical care to the patient.

In addition, Amarillo substance abuse rehab centers emphasize the importance of avoiding detoxification at home. Because an addict is not trained to handle withdrawal symptoms and may not know how to react to certain effects, they may put their health in danger, and even have fatal consequences.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Some withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that may cause organs to stop working properly; this could include collapse of the lungs, heart failure, liver damage, brain damage and even slipping into a coma.

One of the benefits of detoxifying in one of our Amarillo detox facilities is the fact that -- because the process is done gradually -- the severity of the withdrawal symptoms can be controlled. Some patients can even find comfort in the process. This is in part, a result of using proper medication to help detoxify, and having expert personnel that assists speeding up the process in a safely manner.

It's important to keep in mind that, while detox is essential in fighting an addiction, it is not the only step required to be successful. Amarillo substance abuse rehab centers offer comprehensive treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.

These detox rehab centers provide -- in addition to the medical detoxification -- thorough therapeutic programs that tackle the mental state of the patient, in order to help them rehabilitate. These programs offer either traditional methods (family therapy, personal counseling, and behavioral therapy) or interdependent methods (biofeedback, yoga, meditation) in order to best fit the patients' needs.

Amarillo detox facilities offer a variety of options because our experts understand that there is not one single way to recovery. What makes a rehabilitation program effective is tackling the very specific needs of a patient. And that is exactly what our experts do.

If you or someone you love is in need of recovery, detoxing gradually and in a safe environment is the first step to a successful recovery. Call Amarillo Drug Rehab Centers today at (806) 500-2201 and find out how we can help.


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