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The National Institute on Drug Abuse stresses that once an addiction sets in, good intentions and willpower are rarely enough to help you stop using drugs or alcohol. Professional help is almost always needed due to the complex nature of addiction, and rehab treatment programs in Amarillo can help.

Drug rehab treatment programs offer the best chances for long-term successful recovery by helping individuals address the various issues that underlie an addiction.

A Holistic Approach to Treatment is Essential for Successful Recovery

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), rehab treatment programs must address the multiple needs of an individual for the best chances of success. SAMHSA delineates four major dimensions that support a life in recovery:

  1. Health, or overcoming physical and mental health problems and developing a healthy lifestyle that supports recovery.
  2. Home, or having a stable, safe place to live.
  3. Purpose, or conducting meaningful daily activities that give purpose to your life.
  4. Community, or having relationships and a social network that provides love, support, and friendship.

In order to meet the individual's multiple needs in these areas, SAMHSA stresses that a holistic approach to treatment is crucial. A holistic approach addresses issues of body, mind, and spirit through a variety of traditional and complementary therapies that approach problems from a variety of angles. High quality rehab treatment programs in Amarillo can not only help you end an addiction, but it can also transform your life in countless ways.

Therapies Used in Holistic Rehab Treatment Programs in Amarillo

High quality, holistic rehab treatment programs for addiction will include a range of both traditional and complementary therapies that help you address the highly complex issues that underlie your addiction, which may include chronic stress, a history of trauma, or mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

Traditional, mainstream therapies are those that have been shown through a large body of research to be effective for treating addiction. These include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy -- helps individuals identify unhealthy patterns of thought and behavior and replace these with healthier ways of thinking and behaving.
  • Family therapy -- helps families develop healthier communication skills and restore function to the household.
  • Motivational interviewing -- helps individuals identify their own intrinsic motivation for wanting to recover from an addiction.
  • Motivational incentive programs -- offers cash or vouchers for maintaining sobriety.

Complementary therapies are those that lie outside of the mainstream, but which are effective for helping to treat an addiction. Complementary therapies commonly used in drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs include:

  • Art therapy -- has been shown through research to help heal emotional wounds, increase self-awareness, and help alter harmful patterns of thinking and behaving.
  • Music therapy -- helps reduce stress, brings about positive emotional states, and helps people explore difficult emotions and experiences through self-expression and creative thinking.
  • Yoga -- reduces stress, improves self-awareness and body-awareness, and promotes physical and mental strength, balance, and flexibility.
  • Meditation -- is a potent stress reliever and can help reduce cravings and improve self-awareness and self-esteem.
  • Biofeedback -- helps individuals learn to control their body's stress response through deep breathing and visualization exercises.
  • Outdoor therapy -- has been shown to improve self-esteem and engagement in treatment as well as improve communication skills and reduce stress.

Individualized Treatment is the Cornerstone of Successful Rehab Treatment Programs

According to addiction experts, no single treatment therapy works for every individual. In fact, one of the National Institute on Drug Abuse's Principles of Effective Treatment states that matching treatment settings, therapies, and services to an individual's unique issues and problems is critical to ultimate success in recovery.

High quality rehab treatment programs in Amarillo understand that there is no single pathway to recovery, and an individualized plan that specifically addresses the individual's needs is the most effective approach to treatment. When you enter a rehab program, you'll work with your treatment team to identify the issues that underlie your addiction and develop a treatment plan that's perfectly tailored you, based on your needs, beliefs, and preferences.

A treatment plan is never set in stone. Throughout the course of a rehab treatment program, an individual's treatment plan will be continually assessed to ensure it's meeting changing and emerging needs, and it will be amended as needed during treatment.

Rehab Treatment Programs in Amarillo Work

High quality, holistic drug rehab treatment programs help you address the complex issues that underlie an addiction, and they help you develop a toolkit of coping skills and strategies to combat cravings, stress, and other powerful triggers for relapse. They help you find purpose and meaning in a life without drugs or alcohol, and they help you develop a higher level of self-awareness and self-esteem. Treatment works to improve all areas of your life to help you stay on the road to recovery for the long-term.

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